Consumer & Trade Practice Disputes

When you are being sued for misleading and deceptive conduct, we can assist in putting forward the best defence available to you. Similarly if you believe you have been misled about the quality of a product purchased we could claim your entitlement from the other party.

As a consumer you are protected by the Consumer Law and this is the national law in Australia for fair trading and consumer protection. As a consumer the Australian Consumer Law provides you with protection in the areas:

  • Unfair contractual terms;
  • Your rights when buying goods and services;
  • Product safety;
  • Door to door sales and telephone sales;
  • Lay by Agreements.

Quite often businesses want to restrict your rights by limiting it by imposing unrealistic warranty terms. We are also able to advise you in your particular circumstances, whether you’re entitled to demand that the seller repair, replace the product or whether your money should be refunded.