Insolvency / Liquidation

If you are only working for your Creditors and want to take the best way out from your debt cycle, we can provide the necessary advice and take the required steps to make you bankrupt. If you are operating a company and have similar problems, we will provide you with advice on how to either make arrangements with your creditors or liquidate the company. We will advise you of the issues that arise during a corporate restructure or insolvency.

We could specifically advise you about the following or take the necessary action:


Bankruptcy Notices

If you have a Judgment against you and the Creditor has served you with a bankruptcy notice, we will be able to advise you whether to have the notice and the Judgment set aside or come to a satisfactory arrangement with the Creditor. If you want to bankrupt a debtor, we can take the necessary steps on your behalf.


Statutory Demands

If your company is owed a debt and you would like to liquidate the company owing you this debt, we will issue a statutory demand on your behalf and if the debt remains unpaid, lodge winding up proceedings and put the other company into liquidation. In such an event, we will also arrange for efficient and proactive liquidators to be appointed to administer the insolvency. If your company has been served with a statutory demand we can bring an application to have it set aside.