Importance Of A Will

Although this document is seen as one of the most important documents someone will need to sign in their life, not many Australians actually have one.

Planning ahead and having a Will helps you pass on specific items to dedicated family members or friends when you pass away. These assets can be both financial and of sentimental value.

We can help you with the planning, administration and litigation of your Will. We answer your questions. Speak with Stephens & Tozer today and we’ll help you with your will.

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Benefits Of Making A Will

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Reduce the stress for your loved ones

We will prepare your Will, your Enduring Power of Attorney, and your Advanced Health Directive for an affordable fixed fee.

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Reduce the chance of a dispute

Estate disputes arise when a person wishes to contest a Will or to seek further provisions from the estate.

Getting A Will Made Easy For You

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Contact An Expert Lawyer

Speak to a friendly expert lawyer at Stephens & Tozer

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We Gather Your Details

Details about you, your executors and beneficiaries are gathered

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Allocate And Divide Your Assets

We help you put together your Will but most of all will respect your personal decisions.

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Get the Documents Signed

Once you are happy with the Will, you sign in front of 2 witnesses

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Your Will Is Stored For Safekeeping

When the Will is complete and signed, we make copies of the documentation and store it for safekeeping