Chyrse Lambridis

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Chyrse Lambridis Solicitor

Chyrse Lambridis is our Family and Succession Lawyer, also a mum and Registered Nurse, who is proudly part of, and works closely with, the LGBTIQ community.

Chyrse provides you with her undivided attention for your:

  • Divorce;
  • Binding Financial Agreement (or prenuptial agreement, during the relationship nuptial agreement, or post-nuptial agreement);
  • Property Settlements by your own orders of consent (if both parties agree);
  • Property Settlements by orders of the Court (if both parties cannot agree);
  • Mediation Conferences (mandatory for children’s matters);
  • Conciliation Conferences (by the Registrar of the Court to assist you settle);
  • Family Dispute Resolution (by an independent Mediator for property & children matters);
  • Caveats or Injunctions to prevent other party divesting/selling assets;
  • Superannuation splitting and flagging orders;
  • Devolution of Trusts;
  • Dissolution of Companies;
  • Transfer of Share Portfolios;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • Disability Support Pension applications;
  • Child Dispute Conferences;
  • Adult Child Maintenance;
  • Childbirth Maintenance;
  • Child Support and the Department of Human Services process;
  • Children’s Matters;
  • Parenting Plans;
  • Proof of Parentage Matters;
  • Medical Procedures for Children and refusal by the other parent;
  • Sources Experts for ‘Expert Reports’ such as Special Doctors;
  • Surrogacy (Queensland law v international jurisdictions);
  • International Aspects of Family Law (passports and relocation of children);
  • Family Violence/Abuse by the other party towards you and/or the children;
  • Contraventions (if the other party breaches the orders);
  • Enforcement (by the orders of the Court to make the other party perform);
  • Orders for costs (payable to you from the other party);
  • Applications made to Court;
  • Appearances made in Court for you;
  • Attendances with a Barrister at your Final Hearing by Trial.

In Family Law, there is a dark side, and Chyrse is able to manage these situations delicately, and her client’s exceptionally well with compassion, having personally experienced the legal process of a relationship breakdown herself.

Chyrse also holds a Bachelor of Business (Hons) Marketing, and is known as a private business analyst, an excellent strategist, and as equally important, a good motivator to assist you plan your way forward by attending to your:

  • Will/s
  • Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • Probate;
  • Letters of Administration.
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